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Karups Hometown Amateurs

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Karup’s Homegrown Amateurs (HA) is a sister site to the mega site, Karup’s PC (Personal Collection). Evidently, there was more young, amateur poon than could be contained within the confines of the PC site.

91 points

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Old Farts Young Tarts

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Old Farts Young Tarts features really old guys (the Farts) having their way with young ladies (the Tarts). If looking at the geezers is less than appetizing, the girls will no doubt have you salivating.

77 points

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Dare Ring

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Remember when sex was new and fun? Sure you do. Parties were a part of it (you weren’t ready for any serious one-on-one yet): a group of guys and girls egging each other on; the conversation becoming more risqué; the possibility that the whole thing might spin out of control and erupt...

70 points

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